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What can we tell from the stamp on every egg ?

On every egg you will find a red code, which tells you where it is from. The first number in the code is a 0, 1, 2 or 3, and it tells us which laying system the egg comes from.

  • 0 = Organic egg production
  • 1 = Free range eggs
  • 2 = Indoor
  • 3 = Furnished cages

The letters stand for the country in which the eggs were laid. BE is the code for Belgium and NL is the code for our neighbouring country, the Netherlands.

The last four numbers stand for the farm to which the egg-laying hens belong. An extra letter or number is added if there are several coops in the farm containing hens of different ages.

This way, you know exactly where the hen that laid your egg is from, and in what sort of environment it lives.