Why are eggs such a great cooking product ?

A boiled egg with toast strips(soldaatjes), a fried egg or a tasty omelette with bacon: these are just a few examples of the myriad ways we eat our eggs. All of these dishes are great to eat, but do you know how important the egg is in cooking? Without eggs, some of your favourite foods couldn’t be made.

There are a few things that eggs can do, and that’s what makes them so important in cooking. We say that the yolk is a good “emulsifier”, for example. That’s a big word! It means that the yolk helps other foods, which are not attracted to each other, to mix together. In other words, it helps the two substances come to an agreement.

Oil and vinegar are a good example of this. Though they repel each other, the yolk of an egg helps them mix together. This allows us to make tasty things, such as mayonnaise. And you’ve got to admit, chips are even better with mayonnaise. Long live the egg!