How can you tell if your egg is still fresh ?

Crack test

breektestCrack the egg open and have a look at the egg white and the yolk. If the egg white looks compact and thick and the yolk floats on top, as in the photo, the egg is fresh. If the egg white is a little watery, the egg is not as fresh as it once was.

Salt-water test

It’s as easy as pie. Place the egg in a glass of salt water and see what happens. If it sinks to the bottom the egg is still fresh. If it floats to the top it is no longer fresh and should not be eaten.

1 to 2 days old: the egg sinks to the bottom of the glass
3 weeks old: the egg stands on end at the bottom of the glass
6 weeks: the egg is suspended between the bottom and the surface
X weeks: the egg floats to the surface, and should not be eaten